Cutting a Custom Steel Sign

In this video, we are cutting a sign (logo) for a local artist in Oklahoma City. The text reads “Boho Gypsy,” and is a logo mark which is cut out of the steel as a negative, and then an outline is cut, completing the sign. We then welded an oval base to the bottom of the sign in order to allow it to sit upright on a table for a portable art merchant booth to have an easy way to display their sign during shows.

Click here to view the finished product in our portfolio »

Cutting Custom Steel Hinge Plates

Here we are cutting some custom steel hinge plates for a series of garage doors to act as visual faux hinges. The completed hinge plates will adorn existing garage doors for a custom visual effect, finished in flat black for an authentic feel, and high contrast to the existing wood they are to be mounted to.

The vector artwork and design for these hinges was done in-house, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

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